Team JET

Julie Harrell & Annette Sandoval “Net”


Net and Julie brought together the best in the business to create their dream. Though they take pride in all aspects of roofing, working for their Customer’s best interest has created a passion in these two.

Net has an extended and experienced Construction background which continues to reward her through Every Project and she promises to add her sought after signature to each one of them.  Strategizing her work, perfecting details and delivering all promised are just a few habits Net honors.  

Julie compliments Net’s ethics with her own style to insure their customers enjoy and will continue to refer the service they provide.  She believes that stellar workmanship, positive responsibility and the use of the best materials are all Expected and Generic Offers that Every Company should Guarantee.  Julie is adamant about not mentioning these as a HIGHLIGHT , for it’s always understood that these are Jet Brand Construction’s  PLEDGE.  The Jet Brand is set apart from the rest because of the Boutique Style and Luxury their  customers endure without the financial burden.  Julie’s customer services is personalized for everyone’s needs and wishes.

The managing partners of The Jet Brand are qualified specialists in insurance claims and assure you that they will always keep you up to date on every detail of the jobs you trust them with. There’s a zero “non-sence“ tolerance with these two in order to get business done to perfection. No UP-Sale Pressure  (We supply product education and job knowledge.... you make the decisions). We respect your budget and our advice is not an opinion but... from prior experience. We have been overwhelmed in YOUR shoes and  refuse to allow the same for you. We make sure you understand and agree with the project without having to read unnecessary “Fine Print”.